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by admin on February 21, 2017

in 2014 over eighteen percent of americans were diagnosed with some form of depression ranging from bipolar to social anxiety common treatment for depression is the administration of the drug xanax xanax is a member of the drug class called benzodiazepines which are used to treat depression because of their anti anxiety and sedative effects zanuck specifically relieve depression symptoms by affecting the gaba receptor in our brain normally a neurotransmitter called GABA binds moderately well to the gaba receptor when Gabba binds to the gaba receptor it allows a small amount of chlorine ions to flow through the ion channel however when taking xanax. xanax binds to the receptor and changes its shape causing the gaba neurotransmitter to bind longer to the receptor because gabby is now bound longer more chlorine ions flow through the receptor ion channel this in turn causes inhibition of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis which causes stress relief as well as a large release of dopamine in the body causing our relaxation and set it to feeling if you have any questions for science just post in the comments below

Gabba works for anxiety Gabba is an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system so we know that when you have anxiety you have overactive fear circuits which are centered on the amygdala so here is the amygdala here and this is the fear centers this is the fear center of the brain so when you have anxiety the amygdala is hyperactive and the fear circuits that it is connected to so when you have anxiety you have an overactive Nicola and overactive fear circuits which the amygdala is connected to so what happens is that we have Gabba these Gavin neurons which actually connect to the amygdala so here’s a gap in Iran here and they connect to the amygdala via these connections which are called the synapse o sin at the synapses between neurons is how neurons connect to one another and they connect to one another via these neurotransmitters so these are molecules which travel from one neuron to another neuron and they basically cross this empty space between them to communicate with each other so we do know that gaba is inhibitory so when Gabba so these Gabba molecules here when they’re released into the synapse and they bind to the postsynaptic receptors here so these receptors these gaba receptors here on the amygdala then what happens is when Gabba binds to these receptors it actually inhibits the amygdala and it slows down the hyperactivity of the amygdala and therefore it reduces anxiety so i’m going to go through how Gabba then how this whole process starts and ends with gaba being released and anxiety being reduced so that’s what I’m going to explain right now so again this is the gap in Iran and this is the amygdala so the Governor on it actually projects to the amygdala and it communicates via the synapse here so in the gap in Iran there are Gabba neurotransmitters in these vesicles so these vesicles then release their contents into the synapse so gabas released from the vesicles into the synapse the gaba and travels across the synapse binds to the receptors the gaba receptors here and this in turn what it does when Gabba binds to these gaba receptors that actually opens up these there’s an ion channel that these receptors are part of so in gaba bind cities gaba receptors this ion channel opens up and let’s chloride in so when chloride is let in it actually inhibits the transmission of the neurotransmission postsynaptically so in essence when Gabba binds and the chloride ion channel is open then it basically inhibits the neurotransmission and therefore it reduces the hyperactivity of the amygdala so Gabba then is also reabsorbed it’s recycled by being reabsorbed by what’s called a gaba reuptake pump which is similar to other neurotransmitters that we have studies such as the serotonin reuptake pump so Gabba also has a reup take pump to recycle gabinetes in the synapse and the reuptake pump here then pumps Gabba back into the presynaptic neuron here which is the cabin on so we do know that there are some drugs and supplements or supplements that actually when you take it they actually block the reuptake of gaba and thereby effectively increases the gaba concentration and the synapse and what that does is when you increase Gabba concentration the sentence by blocking the reuptake pump here is that there is more gabon the synapse and therefore there’s more binding of gaba to these postsynaptic receptors and what happens is you have more opening of ion channels and this therefore increases the inhibition of the amygdala and therefore decreases anxiety even more because the hyperactivity is reduced from the increase in gaba from the drug or the supplement that you take so for example what blocks the gaba reuptake pump here is an herbal supplement for anxiety called passionflower so we do know that passion flower actually works by blocking the reuptake of gaba by binding to the gamma reuptake pump here so this is what passionflower does and passion flower by the way is is contained in compro which I have formulated as a natural anxiety supplement so i will talk more about that in future videos so this is how Gabba then affects the amygdala its inhibitory so when Gabba reaches the the gaba receptors  
postsynaptically it actually inhibits the middle and therefore reduces anxiety we also know that there are other medications that can affect Gabba neurotransmission so there is also another medication called benzodiazepines such as a divan also called lorazepam is generic name or klonopin known by its generic name of clonazepam so these are benzodiazepines that actually bind to a different part of these receptors these gaba receptors here so they bind so Ben’s the Aspen’s actually bind to a different part of the gaba receptors postsynaptically and what it does is it actually enhances benzodiazepines xanax enhances Gabba neurotransmission so when you have both Gabba and you have a benz day as they as pain binding to the gaba receptor at the same time it actually increases the whole of the ion channel even more allowing for even more chloride ions to pass through and therefore facilitating the inhibition postsynaptically so what Gabba and benzodiazepines do together is that it further inhibits the amygdala and therefore it reduces anxiety even more so that’s how benzodiazepines works because it binds to a different part of the capital receptors mind you that benzodiazepines are not effective if gamma is not present so bear in mind that for benzoate benzodiazepines to work gabon needs to be present in order for it to work ok so this is how Gabba affects the amygdala so what you just need to know from this is that gaba is inhibitory so that when you have Gabba binding to the gaba receptor it opens up the chloride ion channel and it inhibits the activity of the of the megillah therefore decreasing anxiety for more information and help on gaba and anxiety


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